Sims FreePlay – Patio Quest (Tutorial & Walkthrough)

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This is a tutorial and walkthrough of the Sims FreePlay Peaceful Patios Quest, which is a discovery quest you can choose to start (once you hit Level 15) in order to unlock the ability to build patios. We show you all the required tasks for this Sims FreePlay quest and review the limited time prizes you unlock if you finish the quest within 7 days.

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16 thoughts on “Sims FreePlay – Patio Quest (Tutorial & Walkthrough)

  1. Wow! I was just looking through some of your older videos, and stumbled across this one. The sound track for Sims Freeplay was so different! I guess I just got used to it as it gradually changed over the years. Anyway, love what you guys do! Thank you for the videos, and please keep uploading. 🙂

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