Sims Freeplay – Money Glitch

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In order for the money glitch to work you should have an Apple iPhone .. Also the glitch 100% works on iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus .. Sadly if you have an old iPhone if won’t work .. The money glitch also doesn’t work on iPads or computers (PC or Mac) .. If you have the iphone 6S plus or iPhone 7 the glitch way or may not work ..

Do this glitch at your own risk !! I am not responsible if something goes wrong !! But I will try my best to help if something happens to your sims freeplay or something goes wrong with your iPhone !! But you need to prove that my HACK was the cause of the error in your phone !!

P.S. You have to have wifi !! Obviously !!

LY guys! Bye!
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The Sims FreePlay Cheats Hack - Simoleons Generator Here!

15 thoughts on “Sims Freeplay – Money Glitch

  1. Looking at all the commentary, please make sure you have your data saved to another device of yours with the sims. Therefore if it starts over, click download data and your game will be back!

  2. The reason you people are starting over again is because you srn't supposed to press the red Reset button.

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