Sims FreePlay – Let’s Build Another 2-Story House (Live Build Tutorial)

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Sims FreePlay - Let's Build Another 2-Story House (Live Build Tutorial)

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This is a live build of a Sims FreePlay original house design for a 2-story house, using new building techniques from the Sims FreePlay Dream Homes / DIY Homes Update. (At the time of recording this video, only the Sims FreePlay Patio Quest was available, so there are no balconies or basements.) This Sims FreePlay original house design has 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, living/dining room, kitchen, playroom, office, and a pool.

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15 thoughts on “Sims FreePlay – Let’s Build Another 2-Story House (Live Build Tutorial)

  1. I couple minutes ago, my battery fell out of my phone. I put it back in, and when I did I went back to the Sims Freeplay to make my sims a new home.
    And this is what popped up.
    Welcome to the Sims Freeplay!
    Start New Game.
    Or I had the option to save data from the cloud. So I pressed that one. It said, "There are no available social networks." So now what?
    Goodbye 6 years of playing!?
    Goodbye SIMS FREEPLAY!?
    Please help if you can…
    I'm gonna cry

    Please help me

  2. quick question: so i finished the multistory renovations quest and i only got the stairs, how do you earn the elevators and escalators? pls answer if you have any time to, thank you 😊

  3. hello i just wonna say that your designs is very very well but do you have a fully furnished versions of decorated houses?

  4. I love all your house designs they are awesome! I think you should make an asylum in freeplay it would be epic πŸ‘Œ

  5. in which level to we get stairs? I am mad for it!! please we have a quest for 2nd floor?!! just say me "no" I don't know how to do quests!!πŸ‘πŸ‘

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